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Wing Chun Movie Clips
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Feb 8, 2010 - This page will be removed in the near future.  If you want any of the clips please save them to your hard drive.

Fat Shan Zhan Xin Sang
(Mr. Zhan from Fat Shan, the story Leung Jan)

All 21 episodes of the Wing Chun TV Series that was shown in Hong Kong and China. The site allows you to watch all the shows plus many many others, its simular to youtube.  The series is about Leung Jan and how he trained Wing Chun.

Check out Beimo, a short feature film featuring Wing Chun and Gary Lam!

"BEIMO" Page


Nike Wing Tsun Video ( High Bandwidth | Low Bandwidth)
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I've seen this video various places, but recently saw it again on and decided to post it since I'm sure Nike won't mind the additional advertising.  Please check out the Wing Tsun Australia and Nike Women sites when you leave here.  I'm not a Wing Tsun student (by that I mean specifically the Leung Ting lineage) but do like what they are able to do to promote the art.  It's a good video.  Check it out.  A

Yip Man 8 mm Footage:

Realistic Self Defense [.avi]
Ving Tsun Update [.wma]
Realistic Self Defense [.avi] Ving Tsun Update [.wma] Realistic Self Defense [.avi] Ving Tsun Update [.wma]
Note: if you feel some sort of copyright is being broken on any video on this page don't write me.  Write whoever is hosting it. I just provide you the link to it.
The 'Realistic Self Defense' links  hosted by WingTsunKungFuLondon
Realistic Self Defense [.avi] Realistic Self Defense [.avi]

Rooftop Fights:

I'm going to try to start a collection of Wing Chun rooftop fights.  If you have any good footage, please send it to me (I'll take any size file).
[.asx] (Windows Media Player).  It says "Bruce Lee Home Movies Circa 1956".  I was just told that this clip was featured on John Little's (Bruce Lee historian) documentary A Warriors Journey.  John came across it when Linda Lee gave him unlimited access to Bruce's notes etc. I've just been told, "The wing chun fighter is Wu Chan Nam.  The challenger is a northern style of  praying mantis.  Wang Kiu is referee clearly on the right in the beginning of the clip with a white shirt." - Thanks Erol.

Note: Depending on your setup, it is usually best to "Save Target As" before viewing the movies.  YouTube Videos are not added here (just go to YouTube to search)
 Site / Movie Notes the fourth form of Ving Tsun called VT. Synthesis which was designed by Grandmaster Ip Ching and confirmed by Ving Tsun Athletic Association - The core concepts of the Wing Chun system. - Dynamic real-life applications of Wing Chunís five principles. - The Siu Nim Tau form and applications. - The Chum Kiu form and applications. - The Biu Jee form and applications. - The Wooden Dummy form and applications. - The Butterfly Knives form and applications. - The 6.5 Point Pole form and applications. - A 3 Part Introduction to Wing Chunís Power of Relaxation and Thought Force (Nim Lik).

Here is the video clip about our 1st European Camp, Romania (5 August Ė 12 August). A Variety of Videos from Kamehaus - Wing Tsun Wing Chun Today 3 Promo Sifu Cliff Kupper Wing Tsun clip from ex-former VWTO instructor, Mark Stas James Sinclair's Video Page - got some good clips! New videos from Kent Wing Chun
Sifu Andy Chrysostomou doing SLT, Chum Kiu, Bil Gee the International Wing Chun Academy now has some interesting new videos up. They have one about their school on the front page, and an excellent documentary on Wing Chun's history and applications here.  Take a look. Chu Shong Tin - Realistic Fighting, SLT, and Chi Sao  Please keep checking back for new videos! A new video will be uploaded every week from July 2006! IWCA Demostrations feat. Chu Shong Tin & Jim Fung
(yes, 2 ..'s in the url)
new butterfly knives movie from HCH wing chun General demos from PA Wing Chun William Cheung Lineage clips from Phillip Redman's site. Emin and William Cheung Fight. WSL and "Bruce Lee" on Set.  From You Tube. John Clayton's movies (William Cheung Lineage) Ip Ching -? John Millino -> Jon Linder Vietnamese line Wing Chun - Vinh Xuan Quyen Phai Bunch of  clips of Moy Tung demonstrating Ving Tsun Here are a collection of videos from Richmond Virginia. Sifu Moy Yee Tung. Steve Hazell from James Sinclair's lineage Eddie Chong Movies and Techniques Wai Po Tang's lineage movie clips. Simon Lau Center Wing Chun Movies Sifu Sergio (Leung Ting Lineage) "These are excerts from the Wing Tjun Kuen form
(Eternal Spring Fist form) also known as Sap yat Kuen (11th Fist form). From this form Siu nim tau, Cham Kiu, Biu tze were made during the Redboat period or according to the latest research by Dr. Leung Jan." ETWO Wing Tsun official videos BlitzDefence Videos James Sinclair's Org Videos Didier Bedder Videos
Rey Garcia Videos Ip Ching Lineage Alan Goldberg's Lineage Movies Sam Chan Wing Chun Videos
You Tube A variety of Wing Chun videos from different sites Ng Chun Hong Video Clips (Wong Shun Leung Lineage)
Wing Chun Club MP4s Hawaii Wing Chun Club Movies
Emin Boztepe and Students (Turkish Site) Turkish Site for EBMAS
Donald Mak Movie  It shows a couple techniques. Interesting Video from Donald Mak.  Check it out.
Gary Lam Wing Chun Movies I think these are off his Backyard Chi Sao DVD.
Chi Sim Weng Chun Movies Good rare footage of Chi Sim Weng Chun
WuDong Weng Shun Movies Good rare footage of Wudong Weng Shun
Wing Chun Movies's Animation Movies
Allan Lee's Technique Movies Allan Lee's Site. Movies at bottom.
HCH Wing Chun Academy: Chu Shong Tin Lineage.
    Visit to Ip Man Tong [.wma] Virtual Tour.  Poor Quality.
  Chu Shong Tin Siu Nim Tau [.wma]  [.mpeg] (36 MB) Siu Nim Tau Form.
  Chu Shong Tin Chum Kiu [.wma]  [.mpeg] (26mb) Chum Kiu Form.
  Chu Shong Tin Biu Gee [.wma] Bil Gee Form.
  Chu Shong Tin Wooden Dummy  [.wma] Dummy Form Side View.
Ving Tsun Update:  Links to there. Movies found on the Forum. 
  WSL in Bruce Lee's Deadly Fingers [.wma] (190 KB) Wong Shun Leung Practicing for the movie.
  Bruce Lee Sil Lum Tao  [.mpeg]  (781 KB)  alternate site [.mpg] Just the opening of the form.
  Wong Shun Leung Knives Form [.wma] (3117 KB) Footage is awful quality
  Yip Man Sil Lum Tao [.wma] [.avi] Yip Man Doing SLT 8mm footage
  Yip Man Chum Kiu [.wma] [.avi] Yip Man Doing CK 8mm footage
  Yip Man Dummy [.wma]  [.avi] Yip Man Doing Dummy 8mm footage
Wing Tsun Clips  Huge List Similar to this one.
Patrick Gordon Wing Chun Video Clips  Chum Kiu and Biu Jee on Gordon's Site
Mai Gei Wong Lineage Wing Chun Video Clips  From Ivan Rzounek's site.
Steve Setters Wing Chun Video Clips  Includes the Full Dummy Form (New!)
Wing Chun Kuen Media (these are the clips on his site, linked there): Site Dedicate to media clips:
  Master Brian Lewadny,, has learned both Wong Shun Leung system and William Cheung systems of Wing Chun. Clips of his students/instructors:
      James Roller & Sifu Corneilo Martens at a demo.  [.mpg] (4 MB) James owns the WC Media site.
      James Roller & Sifu Gerald Boyle, performing Chi-sao. [.wmv] (8 MB)  
      James Roller & Gerald Boyle in a combat exchange. [.wmv] (6 MB)  
      Combat Tech's with Cornelio Martens & Derek Rowe [.wmv] (2 Mb)  
      James Roller & Sifu Cornelio Martens combat tech's.  [.wmv] (6 MB)  
      Wally, a student being graded on his Mok Jong tech's. [.wmv] (6 MB)  
  Gary Lam Clips:  From Back Yard Chi Sao DVD?
       Gary Lam Demonstrating Biu Sao in Back Yard [.wmv] (1266 KB)  
      Gary Lam Demonstrating Kicking out a Leg [.mpg] (2104 KB)  
      Gary Lam Demonstrating Lop Sao [.wmv] (677 KB)  
      Gary Lam Demonstrating Pak Sao [.mpg] (3377 KB)  
      Gary Lam Demonstrating a Push [.wmv] (575 KB)  
      Gary Lam Demonstrating a Push [.wmv] (921 KB)  
      Gary Lam Demonstrating Tan Sao [.wmv] (808 KB)  
  Wing Tsun Clips:  
    bm_1dummy1.mpg These Clips are of Sifu Bill McKay and student. Sifu McKay is a disciple of Sifu Harry Cannon, an early UK Disciple of Master Samuel Kwok
    bm_1dummy2.mpg "
    bm_2dummy.mpg "
    bm_chi-sa3.mpg "
  Traditional Wing Chun (William Cheung) Clips All TWC files provided by Sifu Phil Redmond
    1st_chi_sau_drill1.mpg 2mb ft_rd_kick1.mpg 1mb
    1st_chi_sau_drill2.mpg 2mb ft_rd_kick2.mpg 2mb
    8_count_chisau.mpg 1mb gan_vs_kick.mpg 2mb
    beginning_chi_sau.mpg 5mb gm_cheung_sm.mpg 4mb
    beginning_chi_sau2.mpg 5mb jut-biu-biujee.mpg 4mb
    biu_lauh_vs_jab.mpg 4mb jut-biu-lauh.mpg 3mb
    blaine_collins_bj_break.mpg 2mb kick_defense.mpg 4mb
    bong_wu_jam.mpg 1mb kick_defense.wmv 1mb
    calvin_chi_sau.mpg 3mb kick_defense2.mpg 3mb
    cheung_1984_twc_tan-lauh.mpg 7mb kwan_do_vs_pole.mpg 2mb
    cheung_biu_jee_nyc_1984.mpg 54mb lop_da1.mpg 6mb
    cheung_fook_explanation1.mpg 4mb lop_da2.mpg 3mb
    cheung_fook_explanation2.mpg 4mb pak-da_drill1.mpg 4mb
    cheung_punch-lauh_twc_slt.mpg 8mb quansau.wmv 2mb
    cheung_spar1.mpg 24mb someone filming a vhs tape playing... but interesting. thai_boxer_training_hands.mpg 3mb
    cheung_spar2.mpg 10mb twc_3rd_jong_section.mpg 3mb
    cheung_tan-lauh_twc_slt.mpg 5mb twc_elbow-hook1.mpg 5mb
    cheung_vs_boxing1.mpg 5mb twc_elbow-hook2.mpg 2mb
    cheung_vs_boxing2.mpg 3mb twc_entry.mpg 8mb
    cheung_vs_boxing3.mpg 2mb twc_jab-cross_counter.mpg 3mb
    cheung_vs_boxing4.mpg 4mb twc_myj_application_3.mpg 2mb
    cheung_vtm__2000_twc_central_line.mpg 5mb twc_myj_application_5.mpg 2mb
    chi_sau_toronto_1.mpg 1mb twc_myj_section_12.mpg 3mb
    chi_sau_toronto_2.mpg 2mb twc_vs_charge1.mpg 4mb
    cs_counter_elbow.mpg 2mb twc_vs_charge2.mpg 5mb
    cs_counter_elbow_slo-mo.mpg 4mb vt_conference_demo_1.mpg 4mb
    danchisau.mpg 2mb vt_conference_demo_2.mpg 2mb
    dbl_lop_vs_kick.mpg 3mb w-step_back.mpg_w-step_back.mpg 2mb
    dummy_1-2.mpg 3mb wm_cheung_ck_1984.mpg William Cheung doing TWC's Chum Kiu form (from 1984) 40mb
    dummy_3-4.mpg 3mb wm_cheung_hk_speech.mpg William Cheung's 1999 VTAA speech in Hong Kong. 6mb
    dummy_tech_1.mpg 1mb wm_cheung_myj.mpg 1mb
    dummy_tech_1_w-punch.mpg 1mb wm_cheung_slt_1984.mpg William Cheung doing TWC's Sil Nim Tau form (from 1984) 69mb
    dummy_tech_2_w-step_back.mpg 2mb  

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